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The Architectural Review 1009/1981. THEME: Work of Makowecz.

The Architectural Press London. 1981

Standardeinband. 83 S. : Cover probably stamped. Cover might be slightly used. INHALT: Exhibition complex, Frankfurt (O. M. Ungers). John Winter: Racking plant, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (Michael Hopkins). Housing, Norfolk, Virginia (Barton Myers). Mark Twain's house in Connecticut. Deyan Sudjic: Winter Gardens, Niagara Falls, New York State (Cesar Pelli, Gruen Ass.). Architects' offices, Chelsea, London (Michael Aukett). Offices, Edinburgh (Rock Townsend, Covell Matthews). Office conversion, Belgravia, London (Michael Haskoll). Guter Zustand/ Good

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The Architectural Review 1022/1982. THEME: Studies and Leisure.

The Architectural Press London. 1982

Standardeinband. 88 S. : Cover probably stamped. Cover might be slightly used. INHALT: Richard Reid, Dieter Hauser: Study centre, Stuttgart-Birkach (Behnisch). Leisure centre, Badenweiler (Klaus Humpert). Two schools in france (Stanislas Fiszer). Barry Russell: Health centre, North Woolwich, London (Aldington, Craig & Collinge). Alastair Best: Restaurant, Mincing Lane, London (Julyan Wickham). Penny McGuire: Fiat, Sloane Street, London (Eva Jiricna). Alastair Best: Hairdressing salons in London and Manchester (Michael Glickman). Guter Zustand/ Good

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The Architectural Review 1216/1998. THEME: Libraries.

Emap London. 1998

Standardeinband. 98 S. : INHALT: British Library, St Pancras, London: COLIN ST JOHN WILSON & PARTNERS. Public library, Malmö, Sweden: HENNING LARSEN. German national library, Frankfurt am Main, Germany: ARAT-KAISER-KAISER. Ruskin Library, Lancaster University, England: MACCORMAC JAMIESON PRICHARD. Library, Jackson, Wyoming, USA: WILLIAM BRUDER. National library, Paris, France: DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTE. Royal library, Stockholm, Sweden: KABE ARKITEKTER. Guter Zustand/ Good

Artikel-Nr.: 240704

The Architectural Review 1217/1998. THEME: Recreation.

Emap London. 1998

Standardeinband. 90 S. : INHALT: Land art, Quebec, Canada: PLANT: CHRISTOPHER POMMER AND LISA RAPOPORT. Portuguese Pavilion: ALVARO SIZA. Utopia Pavilion: SKIDMORE, OWINGS & MERRILL AND REGINO CRUZ. Oriente Station: SANTIAGO CALATRAVA. Pavilion of the Future: PAULA SANTOS, RUI RAMOS AND MIGUEL GUEDES. Knowledge of the Seas Pavilion: JOAO LUIS CARRILHO DA GRACA. Hotel, Santa Maria do Bouro, Brago, Portugal: EDUARDO SOUTO DE MOURA. Stade de France, St Denis, France: MACARY, ZUBLENA, REGEMBAL, COSTANTINI. Folk Art Centre, Kaustinen, Finland: KAIRA-LAHDELMA-MAHLAMÄKI. Cinema, Dresden, Germany: COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. Sports centre, Davos, Switzerland: GIGON & GUYER. Sports hall, Oberhambach, Germany: PETER HÜBNER. Nautical centre, Bandol, France: RUDY RICCIOTTI. Holiday cottage, Risor, Norway: CARL-VIGGO H0LMEBAKK. Johan restaurant, Graz, Austria: CLAUDIO SILVESTRIN. Bar 89, New York, USA: GILLES DEPARDON. Guter Zustand/ Good

Artikel-Nr.: 240705

The Architectural Review 1219/1998. THEME: Travelling Light.

Emap London. 1998

Standardeinband. 114 S. : INHALT: Studio retreat, Northamptonshire, England: NIALL MCLAUGHLIN ARCHITECT. Airport, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong: FOSTER AND PARTNERS. Olympic Park railway station, Sydney, Australia: HASSELL PTY. Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: KISHO KUROKAWA. Airport extension, Roissy, France: AEROPORTS DE PARIS. Railway station, St Denis, France: AREP. Station roof extension, Zurich, Switherland: MEILI PETER ARCHITEKTEN. Railway station, Lillestrom, Norway: ARNE HENRIKSEN. Railway station, Eidsvoll, Norway: ARNE HENRIKSEN. Apartment hotel, Barth, Germany: VOLKER GIENCKE. Museum gallery, London: BENTHEIM. Flower shop, London: FUTURE SYSTEMS. Guter Zustand/ Good

Artikel-Nr.: 240706

The Architectural Review 1227/1999. THEME: Moving Places.

Emap London. 1999

Standardeinband. 98 S. : INHALT: Airport, Gardermoen, Oslo, Norway: AVIAPLAN. Stratford station, London: CHRIS WILKINSON ARCHITECTS. West Ham station, London: VAN HEYNINGEN AND HAWARD ARCHITECTS. Canning Town station, London: JOHN MCASLAN & PARTNERS. North Greenwich station, London: ALSOP & STORMER. Footbridge, Docklands, London: LIFSCHUTZ DAVIDSON. Hong Kong Station, Central, Hong Kong: ARUP ASSOCIATES, ROCCO DESIGN PARTNERS. Station, Frankfurt Airport, Germany: BRT ARCHITEKTEN. Motorway control centre, Nanterre, France: ODILE DECQ & BENOIT CORNETTE. Offices, Nebraska, USA: RANDY BROWN ARCHITECTS. Recreation centre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia: ED LIPPMANN. Private house, Knightsbridge, London: NIALL MCLAUGHLIN ARCHITECT. Guter Zustand/ Good

Artikel-Nr.: 240707

The Architectural Review 1261/2002. THEME: Health Care. With supplement.

Emap London. 2002

Standardeinband. 106 S. : INHALT: Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand: MARIJKE DE GOEY. Ear, nose and throat unit, Graz regional hospital, Austria: ERNST GISELBRECHT. Regional hospital, Hartberg, Austria: KLAUS KADA. Conversion and extension of regional hospital, Fürstenfeld, Austria: HERWIG ILLMAIER. Regional hospital, Graz, Austria: ARGE ARCHITEKTEN DOMENIG EISENKÖCK GRUBER. Hospital, Bregenz, Austria: VOLKER GIENCKE. Hospital, Mirano, Italy: GIANCARLO DE CARLO. Hospital chapel, Aalborg, Denmark: FRIIS & MOLTKE. Visitors' centre, Arles, France: RUDI RICCIOTTI. Apartment, Toronto, Canada: JOHNSON CHOU. Extension, Canonbury, London: SIMON CONDER ASSOCIATES. Ear, nose and throat unit, Graz, Austria: ERNST GISELBRECHT. Guter Zustand/ Good

Artikel-Nr.: 240700

The Architectural Review 1262/2002. THEME: Budding Brits. With supplement.

Emap London. 2002

Standardeinband. 98 S. : INHALT: Bandstand, Bexhill, England: NIALL MCLAUGHLIN ARCHITECTS. Offices, Fitzrovia, London: BUSCHOW HENLEY. Restaurant, bar and hotel, London: WELLS MACKERETH ARCHITECTS. Apartment block, Liverpool, England: SHED KM. After-school club, Westcliffe-on-Sea, England: COTTRELL & VERMEULEN. House conversion and extension, Hampstead, London: ALISON BROOKS ARCHITECTS. House, west of England: NIALL MCLAUGHLIN ARCHITECTS. Day house, near Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland: GUMUCHDJIAN ASSOCIATES. Offices, Ealing, London: ELDRIDGE SMERIN. Offices, Paddington, London: ALLFORD HALL MONAGHAN MORRIS. Urban Square, Newcastle, England: THOMAS HEATHERWICK. Fiat, London: AZMAN OWENS ARCHITECT. Swimming pool, Carrigacunna, Ireland: SPRINGETT MACKAY ARCHITECTURE. Mixed development, Hackney, London: ASH SAKULA. Low-cost housing project, Woolwich, London: SARAH WIGGLESWORTH ARCHITECTS. Offices, Fitzrovia, London: BUSCHOW HENLEY. Guter Zustand/ Good

Artikel-Nr.: 240699

The Architectural Review 1286/2004. THEME: Building with Light.

Emap London. 2004

Standardeinband. 98 S. : INHALT: Broadcasting House, central London: MACCORMAC JAMIESON PRICHARD. Church, Rome, Italy: RICHARD MEIER & PARTNERS. Visitors' centre, Garden Grove, California, USA: RICHARD MEIER & PARTNERS. Headquarters building, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: BEHNISCH, BEHNISCH & PARTNER. Temple, Santiago, Chile: HARIRI PONTARINI ARCHITECTS. Monastery, Novvy Dvur, Czech Republic: JOHN PAWSON ARCHITECTS. Community centre, Anchorage, Alaska, USA: KOONCE PFEFFER BETTIS. Museum, Perigeaux, France: JEAN NOUVEL. House, central London: JAMIE FOBERT ARCHITECTS. Visitors' centre, California: RICHARD MEIER & PARTNERS. Guter Zustand/ Good

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The Architectural Review 1288/2004. THEME: Building for the Arts.

Emap London. 2004

Standardeinband. 106 S. : INHALT: Little League field, Newbern, Alabama, USA: RURAL STUDIO. Sculpture museum, Dallas, Texas, USA: RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP. Rhineland Regional Museum, Bonn, Germany: ARCHITEKTENGRUPPE STUTTGART. Theatrical complex, Stuttgart, Germany: PLUS+ BAUPLANUNG HÜBNER-FORSTER-HÜBNER. Studio, London, UK: DAVID CHIPPERFIELD. Music studies centre, Santiago de Compostela, Spain: ANTON GARCIA-ABRIL. Art store, Wichtrach, Switzerland: GIGON/GUYER. Art museum, Tokyo, Japan: GLUCKMAN MAYNER ARCHITECTS. Flamenco centre, Jerez, Spain : HERZOG DE MEURON. Peter Jones department store, Sloane Square, London: JOHN MCASLAN & PARTNERS. House, Jutland, Denmark: KHRAS ARKITEKTER. Rhineland Museum, Bonn: ARCHITEKTENGRUPPE STUTTGART. Guter Zustand/ Good

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The Architectural Review. 5/1991. THEME: Airports.

London, MBC Architectural Press & Building. 2006

Standardeinband. ca. 115 Seiten : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Airports come of age: The airport becomes a real building type in its own right. Foster Associates: Stansted - Arrivals and departures: what the building feels like. Taking flight: Alastair Best dicusses the improtnce of Stansted in the development of airport design and Foster's oeuvre. How it was built: Colin Davies analyses the construction of Stansted element by element and discusses how they fit together. Keeping it up: Mark Whitby describes how Stansted's elegant structure was develped and refined. Servgicing the spaces: Osaka airport will be one of the largest and busiest in the world. Built on an artificial island in the by, it will work the clock round. Frances Anderton deseribes the latest stage of development of the vast project.

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